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Tax Attorneys

Do you need a tax lawyer skilled in resolving back taxes? Looking for an IRS attorney to appear in federal tax court on your behalf? Then you’re in luck! Not only do we have experienced tax lawyers on our staff, but Taxation Solutions, Inc. incorporates an entire team of tax resolution professionals ready to represent you in all kinds of state and federal tax matters. Serving the Oklahoma City area, we’re the tax attorney group you can turn to for diligence and discretion on every case. Whether you’re looking for sound business tax guidance or personal back tax relief, our IRS attorneys and other knowledgeable tax pros are happy to help. To learn more about the tax attorney assistance we offer, call or e-mail us today!

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Tax LawyerYou could go out and hire a solo tax attorney. But why would you? When you come to Taxation Solutions, Inc., you’ll have a whole panel of experts qualified to handle your tax attorney services, including:

  • Back tax filing
  • Tax settlement negotiation
  • Stopping wage garnishment
  • Petitioning for installment plans
  • Securing offers in compromise
  • Preparing for IRS audits
  • Representing you in federal tax court
  • Solving business tax problems
  • Providing legal advice on tax issues
  • And more

The difference is, with Taxation Solutions, Inc., you’re not relying on a single IRS tax attorney to resolve your difficult financial issues. We have fully licensed tax lawyers here when you need them, but we also have other knowledgeable practitioners who can often be of huge assistance in place of tax attorney help. The point is, we’ll match you to the right tax professional for your specific situation, be it an IRS attorney or other expert. Tax relief lawyers are really only necessary in certain cases involving complex legal questions, and that’s when we’ll be sure to pair you with one of our IRS tax lawyers.

Reliable Tax Attorney Help

Whatever you do, be sure to check credentials when choosing a tax debt attorney to act on your behalf. You don’t want to leave the fate of your financial future in the hands of an IRS attorney fresh out of law school. Extensive experience is what separates Taxation Solutions, Inc. from other tax lawyer companies in Oklahoma City and beyond. Our IRS tax attorneys and other tax relief advisors have more than 40 combined years of know-how. You can rest assured we’ll do everything in our power to provide swift, effective tax attorney help and get you the resolution you deserve.

For a business tax lawyer or any other type of IRS tax attorney, the name to know in the Oklahoma City area is Taxation Solutions, Inc. Our team of tax help professionals is standing by now to get started on your tax attorney services. Call us today for a free phone consultation and appointment. Help is on the way!

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