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Tax Penalties and Settlements

IRS tax penalties are nothing to take lightly. At first, a tax penalty may be just a small fee added on to the taxes you already owe. But over time, as your tax debt continues to go unpaid, each additional IRS penalty will become more and more severe, putting your income and your assets at risk. Before your tax fines and penalties get any worse, make an appointment to meet with our tax debt reduction professionals. Here at Taxation Solutions, Inc., we’re on your side when it comes to quashing tax penalties and securing fair tax settlements. Call us in the Oklahoma City area today!

Taxation Solutions, Inc. - Need tax helpIf tax penalties are intended to get your attention, we have to admit they work. IRS penalties such as wage garnishment and bank liens are pretty hard to ignore when they’re snatching up your paycheck or confiscating your property. Nevertheless, tax officials are willing to back off once they see that efforts are being made to repay the outstanding taxes. That’s where Taxation Solutions, Inc. can really help with IRS tax relief. Our tax settlement specialists offer several options for reducing or even removing the hardship of tax penalties, including:

  • IRS penalty abatement
  • Installment agreements
  • Offers in compromise
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Wage garnishment cessation
  • Lifting of bank liens and levies

Whatever IRS settlement approach makes the most sense for you, you can be confident Taxation Solutions, Inc. will make it work. Our slogan of “strong, aggressive tax resolution,” is not just a tagline–it’s how we fight for our clients’ IRS tax relief day in and day out. We’ll use every tool in our arsenal to convince the tax authorities that you qualify for IRS penalty abatement or another type of taxes settlement. Our 40+ years of combined experience can make all the difference between a proposal that fails and one that results in IRS tax settlement or even IRS debt forgiveness.

Strategic Taxes Settlement

Whether you’ve been hit with a tax penalty for underpayment or a penalty for filing taxes late, you’ll be in much better shape asking the IRS for lenience sooner rather than later. If the amount you’re expected to pay is well beyond your means, Taxation Solutions, Inc. can help you make a case for an IRS tax payment plan, allowing you to repay the total in reasonable installments. That’s just one of the alternatives available when you’re in need of a tax settlement that won’t leave you penniless or bankrupt your business. Let us use our in-depth knowledge of IRS tax settlement strategies to get you off the hook. Call us right away for your free consultation!

Taxation Solutions, Inc. is on call for your emergency tax settlement services. When you’re dealing with urgent tax penalty situations such as bank levies, don’t hesitate to contact our Oklahoma City office. We understand that sometimes IRS tax relief simply can’t wait!

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